Evil Ways

This six member band faithfully re-creates an authentic SANTANA concert.

Evil Ways covers every era in SANTANA’s incredible 40+ years as an entertainer.

Evil Ways performs classic songs from Woodstock like Soul Sacrifice and Black Magic Woman,  on up to the grammy winning album Supernatural and beyond.

Stunning instrumentals, high energy drumming and percussion, and of course the legendary sound of the guitar, all come together to bring you......

the Evil Ways Band


Gregg Garlock 216-501-0200


March 24 - Brothers, Cleveland 9:00pm

June 1- Whiskey Island, Cleveland 8:00pm

June 3 - Hessler Street Fair, Cleveland 6:00pm

June 9 - Legacy Village, Lyndhurst 6:00pm

June 16 - Brothers, Cleveland 9:00pm

June 22 - Galaxy, Wadsworth 9:00pm

July 6 - Music Box, Cleveland 8:00pm

July 13- Whiskey Island, Cleveland 9:00pm

Aug 11 - Brothers, Cleveland 9:00pm

Sept 15 - Fitton Center for the Arts, Cincinnati